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Making Money Online while Homeschooling

Speaker Ann Zeise shares her own success with web publishing as a way to earn money while homeschooling. In short, she recommends finding a topic you are passionate about, researching it, and publishing what you find on the Web. She then details how to monetize this valuable content using advertising services such as Google AdSense.


Dismantling the Inner School

Speaker David Albert builds a metaphor for the journey to setting ourselves free in homeschooling: we must dismantle our inner school, brick by brick, smashing with a sledgehammer the assumptions we have about how learning must work.



Speaker John Young describes how his family and mentors, and all our ancestors, used storytelling as an essential household activity to engage people. Storytelling teaches youngsters how to soak up details in their surroundings that were essential to survival, but it has appeal to all ages.  And the format of the talk is, of course, a quilt of stories.