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DigitalOcean: Better Performance, Lower Price

I recently switched away from Rackspace to DigitalOcean and have been pleasantly surprised with the performance improvements.

I’ve gotten great support from Rackspace and would not rule out their services in the future, but so far my experience with DigitalOcean has also been good.


Short URL Klipper Script

As mentioned in my last post, Klipper opens the door to a world of useful little mini-applets. Here's another script that's been handy lately: klipper_ln-s. It posts to, a url-shortening service. Read more...

Pastebin Klipper Script

Klipper is the KDE Desktop's clipboard management tool. It keeps track of your last few copy-and-pastes. But, in allowing you to configure actions that are selectable when the clipboard contents matches a regular expression, it opens the door to a world of useful little mini-applets. Read more...

Reset "Most Used Applications" Kmenu items

I've been running Debian Linux for a while now with KDE. The Kicker "start" menu has a handy shortcut section that shows the applications that I've started most. This feature is labelled "Most Used Applications" in the menu, and "QuickStart Menu Items" under the Panel configuration.

Over time my usage patterns have changed and the section has become less helpful. Other people have experienced this, too.


File Taxes with TurboTax Online on Linux

While filing income taxes with TurboTax Online this year, my wife and I ran into some problems. When we first visited the site, were faced with a browser incompatibility message while running Firefox on Linux. Only Windows and Mac OS X are supported.